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        類別: 450-SBS-B雙面刨砂機
        更新時間:2019-04-23 14:13
        450SBS  B-R 雙面刨砂機
        設備特點:1. 刨削與砂削有效結合一次性完成刨削定厚及精細拋光。
        2. 高質量的進口零部件配套,砂光精度高,砂光質量穩定。
        3. 采用雙面砂光,降低生產成本,提高生產效率
        4. 最大加工寬度從450mm到1000mm
        1.Chipping and grinding combined effectively to complete calibrating and fine
          polishing at one time.
        2.High quality imported parts and components, sanding precision, sanding quality
          stability. Thickness tolerance of workpiece after double sided grinding will
          get 0.1mm
        3.double sanding is adopted to reduce production cost and increase production
        3. The MAX.Width from 450mm to 1000mm.

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